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I have a variety of videos on my YouTube channel, check out some of my favorites below.


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Low Back Pain Prevention Videos

These exercises are for people are trying to prevent low back and hip pain. If you have a pathology make sure you ask your trainer or physical therapist if they are good for you personally. I highly recommend these for office workers!


Deep Ab Exercise - Balloon

A great exercise for someone with a "swayed" posture and tight hip flexors with a flat thoracic spine. This was made popular by the article "The Value of Blowing Up a Balloon" and The Postural Restoration Institute.

Deep Ab Exercise (Long Version)

A lengthier explanation of the Deep Ab Exercise - Balloon video.

Liquid Hips

A great exercise for someone with tight hips that feel like they are "pinching" or "gripping."

Single Leg Hip Bridge

This is great for people with tight hip flexors to get into their gluteals more.

Side-Lying Hip Strengthener

This is a great exercise for your gluteus medius

Proper Clam Shelling

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of a clam shell exercise.



Athletic Videos

These exercises are meant for individuals with no pain and with experience on pilates equipment

Rethinking the Reformer Support Video

This is the support video for a workshop I wrote back in 2009.

One-Armed Pec Push Up with Rotation

One-Armed Pec Push Up with Rotation on the reformer

One-Armed Rear Deltoid Push Up with Rotation

Advanced exercise for working the rear deltoid with rotation.

Side Planking on the Reformer

Side planking on the reformer.

Foam Roller Workshop in Brazil

This was a sample from a workshop I was teaching in Santos, Brazil using a foam roller.